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JavaScript SEO: Server Side Rendering vs. Client Side Rendering by Benjamin Burkholder Medium.
Google, and search engines in general, will continue to improve their capacity to render JS pages at scale. However, this will undoubtedly reveal new obstacles to overcome as development techniques also continue to march forward. The ideas covered in this article are designed to give you a high level rundown of JavaScript SEO and the implications that spawned it.
All You Need to Know About JavaScript SEO.
Therefore, search professionals must understand how search engine bots process JS content and take the necessary steps to ensure that JavaScript fits well into their SEO strategy. If you have a JS-based website and cannot find your content on Google, its time to address the issues.
JavaScript SEO: An In-Depth Guide. Author Photo.
Common JavaScript SEO Issues andHow To Avoid Them. It's' not uncommon to face SEO issues caused by JavaScript, and below you'll' find some of the ones that are frequently seen, as well as tips on how to avoid these. Blocking js files in your robots.txt file can prevent Googlebot from crawling these resources and, therefore, rendering and indexing these. Allow these files to be crawled to avoid issues caused by this. Google typically doesn't' wait long periods of time for JavaScript content to render, and if this is being delayed, you may find that content isn't' indexed because of a timeout error.
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Please guide me through this issue. Also let me know if there would be a better way to display content from xml so that google crawls these links. script if window.XMLHttpRequest // code for IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttpnew XMLHttpRequest; else // code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttpnew ActiveXObjectMicrosoft.XMLHTTP" xmlhttp.openGET/jobs/jobs.xmlfalse, xmlhttp.send; xmlDocxmlhttp.responseXML; document.write'table' idexample' document.write'theadtrthJob' ID/ththJob Title/thth classmobexclLocation/thth" classmobexclCountry/thth" classmobexclDate" Posted/ththStatus/thth classmobexclView/th/tr/theadtbody' var xxmlDoc.getElementsByTagNameCD" for i0ix.lengthi; ifi%20 document.write'tr' classalt' else document.write'tr' classalt1' document.writetd" document.write'a' href" xi.getElementsByTagNameVIEW0.childNodes0.nodeValue" xi.getElementsByTagNameJOBID0.childNodes0.nodeValue'/a' document.write/tdtd" document.writexi.getElementsByTagNameTITLE0.childNodes0.nodeValue" document.write/tdtd" classmobexcl" document.writexi.getElementsByTagNameLOCATION0.childNodes0.nodeValue" document.write/tdtd" classmobexcl" document.writexi.getElementsByTagNameCOUNTRY0.childNodes0.nodeValue" document.write/tdtd" classmobexcl" document.writexi.getElementsByTagNameDATE0.childNodes0.nodeValue" document.write/tdtd" document.writexi.getElementsByTagNameSTATUS0.childNodes0.nodeValue" document.write/tdtd" classmobexcl" document.write'a' href" xi.getElementsByTagNameVIEW0.childNodes0.nodeValue" View/Apply/a' document.write/td/tr" document.write/tbody/table" /script. javascript html seo.
JavaScript rendering and the problems for SEO in 2020.
Time for Googlebot to re-crawl the page and then a combination of Googles cache and a buggy new Search Console to be able to interpret those changes. The mobile-friendly testing tool from Google is a decent stop-gap but you can only analyze a page at a time. This is a minefield! So what do I do for optimal SEO performance? Think smart and plan effectively. Luckily only a relative handful of design elements are critical for SEO when considering the arena of web design and many of these are elements in the head and/or metadata. Anything in the head - link tags and meta tags. Header tags, e.g. h1, h2, etc. p tags and all other copy text. table, ul, ol, and all other crawl-able HTML elements. Links must be a tags with href attributes. Every element above should be served without any JS rendering required by the client. As soon as you require JS to be rendered to yield one of the above elements you put search performance in jeopardy. JavaScript can, and should be used to enhance the user experience on your site.
JavaScript SEO Common Issues with Dynamic Rendering.
There is a connection between JavaScript and SEO that has developed throughout the years. Looking at websites that were created just a few years ago, its clear to see the impact of JavaScript SEO. Some developers did not have the knowledge that would allow them to determine whether search engines would be able to parse JavaScript content. As the years have gone by, Google has tweaked its methodology and its view of JavaScript.
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This can prevent search engines from properly indexing your pages. If this happens, your pages wont appear in the search results at all. Search engine bots process JavaScript web apps in three phasescrawling, rendering, and indexing. I recommend working with SEO professionals in all these phases to make your JavaScript-backed web applications searchable via Google.
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However, is Google actually able to see your content if it does not execute your JS files? For e-commerce websites, which depend on online conversions, not having their products indexed by Google could be disastrous. How to test and debug JavaScript SEO issues.

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